Migration support

We all know how important it is when you are moving your production environment. For whatever reason you are migrating, be it for better performance, uptime, bandwidth, storage, value for money you need the transfer to be a seamless experience so that your users are least interrupted. A failed or partial migration can have a direct impact on your business, frustrated clients can even leave, data loss, downtime, missing emails, failed database transactions among other things. Our inhouse migration experts with years of experience can perform the most difficult of the migrations, even with zero downtimes. We will explain each migration procedure and only when you are satisfied, we start with the migration.




This plan is for simple straight forward migration of account(s) between two servers with same control panel. We support almost all the popular control panels, however we can accomodate any control panels if given time to familiarize.


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$ 5 per account




When you decide to move to a new control panel because you found it to be more userful but you may not be sure on how to proceed with the move, we are here. These migrations might turn out to be tricky due to different arrangement structure of contents on two different control panels, however our experts will perform these migrations as seamlessly as possible.


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$ 10 per account


manual migration


This involves migrations which require more complex strategies. When you have a custom setup of your production environment this plan is what you exactly require. We will carefully asses your custom setup however complex it is and devise the most effiecient strategy for the migration. This might involve setting up of the custom environment in the new server and everything else, which our team will systematically perform along with constant updates and verification from you.





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