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There are several tasks that are quite specific yet complex and tricky. A server ip has been flagged as a spammer and all emails are failing, a server has been compromised and there is no way out, a server is overloading and crashing all the time, a server is being ddosed and losing all the connections – these tasks are specific to each situation and our engineers have a keen understanding of this as they have been constantly assigned to such tasks. If there is any requirement that you require, then just explain it and we can come up with the best way to resolve it.

Do you face issues with your mail delivery due to the reputation of your outgoing mail ip ? Is your ip frequently getting flagged as a spammer. Does your ip get into the blacklists ? Are your emails arriving always into the spam folder or even rejected and undeliverable ? Did you unknowingly get a abused ip which is already flagged on the blacklists. These are some of the issues that affect the delivery of emails from your server/domain which is of prime importance to almost every user of your server. Mitigating the mail delivery issues is one of our specialities. You may accept our resolution only after your emails get directly into the inbox.

Are your websites frequently being compromised and defaced ? Does the websites see script injections which break everything on the websites ? Did your host block your server as it has been identified as sourcing ddos attacks ? These are some of the signs that would tell you that your server is open to compromises. This could be due to several settings on a server which were perhaps default set, changed to accomodate new scripts or setup incorrectly. Servermates have been working on several such cases that they have enough experience to identify even the most complex of the absuses or compromises. Our team can fix up the issues and advice on the procedures to followed to avoid future occurances.




Does your server frequently crash due to execessive resource usage ? Have you wondered as to why even a handful of websites bog down your considerably powerful server ? Did you want to start your server at the best possible configuration before it starts to host the production applications ? Have us look into these issues that could cost you your valuable Uptime ! Our engineers will assess the situation as each can have its specific characteristic and suggest you the best possible configuration you can tune your sever to, can identify the resource hoggers, optimize and limit the resource usage and several other possible solutions that would fix such issues and have your server run at the best possible performance.




Are your websites constantly unavailable due to external dos attacks ? Do you have a popular site that is being targetted by abusers using ddos that render your site unavailable over the internet. Distributed denial of service is a major issue that can bog down even the biggest service provider on the internet. The denial of service is a very real threat that can affect anyone, you can be a target, a related target or unfortunate victim of a common largescale attack, but the effect is the same. We have some clever tricks that have often helped mitigate such attacks and made the websites available at the most crucial times.




Are your email accounts getting bombarded with spam ? Does your users complain their filters aren't working as good as it should ? Then it is time for you to employ a strict mail filtering policy. It is often tricky as to how to get the best of both as too much filtering can deny certain authentic emails from reaching your inbox. Servermates can team up with you to gather your inputs on your email behaviour and install spam filters and configure it so that you or your users have a clean and neat inbox void of any spam.




What if you have a custom requirement that you cannot classify into a general issue, a variety of issues that you are looking solutions for, then simply write to us. Stop trying to figure the issue much, just explain your problem and let us together figure out how we can go about it. Actually we have no strict policy that you have to put your issue under only a plan that we offer. If you are unable to decide on how you can classify your issue or you have a varied number of issues then, just write to us and we can sit and together work out the solutions and fix.







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